Participate in User Research and Help Shape the Future of Salesforce

February 14, 2017 Mabel Chan

Wondering how you can directly influence the design of the tools you use every day? At Salesforce, feedback from users is crucial to how we design products and prioritize features. We want to make it easy for you to get involved and learn about user research so we’re outlining the different ways you can participate. Learning about our user research programs can also give you ideas about how to conduct your own user research.

But first, what is user research?

User research is the discipline of understanding users’ needs and behavior to inform the design and product development process. User researchers at Salesforce work closely with user experience designers and product managers to create new products that fill unmet needs and improve the experience of existing features. We have user researchers dedicated to each of the Clouds, from Sales and Service to Platform and IoT.

Get involved

Depending on the feature and project at hand, we use different methods and activities to best understand the problem and get the right type of input. One of the great things about this variety of activities is that practically anyone can take part from anywhere, there’s probably a study that will fit your geographic and time constraints:

1:1 Sessions
This is the workhorse of the user research team. These sessions typically are one hour long and happen remotely over GoToMeeting, so anyone around the country or even the globe can participate, no need to be located near one of our offices. During a session, we might interview you about your role or how you use a product to better understand those experiences and any pain points. Or we might have you test drive a concept or prototype the team is actively working on to gather your feedback.

No worries if you can’t spare a full hour! We also periodically send out online surveys that typically take 5-10 min and can be completed at your convenience.

Site Visits
If more contextual or in-depth input is required, we might hit the road and come to you! Site visits are typically 4-6 hour engagements that we plan together with you and/or your colleagues well ahead of time. We’ll bring a designer or product manager along too to witness product pain points and hear your feedback firsthand.

Regardless of exactly what research activity you participate in, your feedback will directly impact the work of our product teams, you’ll get a sneak peek at what we’re working on, and you’ll receive a Tango Card honorarium as a thank you.

Sound like something you’d be interested in? Sign up for our User Research Program! We use this sign up information to match you to the right study and will email you when a new study launches that might be the right fit.

The User Research Program isn’t limited to admins and developers either – encourage your end users to sign up as well! Our sales, service, marketing, and communities researchers would love to hear about their experiences.

Learn more

In addition to participating in our User Research Program, you can utilize this methodology to enhance the Salesforce experience at your organization. Check out the Build Better with UX trail on Trailhead to learn more about research basics, including crafting questions, collecting data, analyzing findings, and user personas.

Sign up for the User Research Program and check out the Build Better with UX trail. We’re excited to shape the future with you!

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