Admin Checklist: Get Ready for Summer ’17

April 19, 2017 LeeAnne Templeman

It’s time to mark your calendars for the next Salesforce Release, Summer ’17! Here are the most important dates:

April 20: Pre-Release Signup Goes Live

Admins can sign up for a Developer Edition environment chock full of all the Summer ’17 features to explore to your heart’s content. Developer environments are stand-alone environments where you can learn, build, and get comfortable with features and functionality. Stay tuned to the Release Readiness Success group for the link to sign up for a Summer ’17 pre-release developer environment.

April 24: Preview the Release Notes!

Release notes will be posted here. Search the products you use for release updates. Make sure to check out the “You Asked For It” section which lists all of the IdeaExchange ideas included in the release. First time reading the release notes? Here are some great tips.

May 5: Sandbox Signup Cutoff

May 5 is the refresh deadline to get early access to all the Summer ’17 features in one of your Sandboxes. Once you have explored with the Free Developer environment and reviewed the release notes for features that are important to you – it’s time to try out features related to your customizations in your sandbox. This is a great time to evaluate how specific features may be useful or impactful for the way your organization uses Salesforce. Check out this article for instructions on exactly how and when to refresh your sandbox!

June 2: Awesome Admin Release Preview LIVE

Join Admin Evangelists and an expert panel for a 1hr deep dive into the release and what features Admins can’t miss. This preview is a great opportunity to hear an overview from Admin experts and may help you determine which features in the Release Readiness Live broadcast to focus on. There are a lot of features delivered with each release, so we go through all of it and provide a summary of the features most impactful to Admins.

June 5-8: Release Readiness LIVE

Hear from Product Managers across the company and across the clouds as they share the latest features and demos of their products. This is a multi-day, live video streaming event that is available on-demand after the event.

June 2-10: Summer ’17 Arrives!

Check the Trust Calendar for exactly when your Salesforce will get the Summer ’17 features. Scroll through the list and check your salesforce instance (NA__, EMEA__) against the release dates listed in the calendar. Once the release window has passed for your environment, you will have access to the newest features in your production environment!

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