How to Increase Customer Satisfaction by Integrating Salesforce With Your ERP

January 17, 2018 Isaura Martinez

“They don’t care about me.” A Rockefeller Corporation study shows that almost 70% of customers stop buying from a certain business for that very reason. How much does that cost? The estimated cost of customers switching due to poor service in the U.S. is $1.6 trillion, per Accenture. Customer satisfaction is key to success in any industry, and the use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software systems can help you keep your customers happy.

Saving customer information in these systems is useful, but CRMs like Salesforce were made to do more — a lot more. CRMs and ERPs are not spreadsheets; their main purpose is helping companies like yours to get the best out of their features, and advantages to increase productivity. This will help maintain thriving relationships with customers. The same applies to ERPs.

How can you unleash the real potential of these tools? Through integrations. When considering the experience you provide to your customers, it’s not about how many systems you use, but how do they work together to help you achieve your goals. That’s why we’re seeing more tech solutions designed to effectively manage a company’s critical information: Apps in the Cloud, integrations, security, and others.

Below you’ll find some ideas about how integration apps help you to keep your customers happy:


How much time does it save being able to access the information you need, when you need it? Let’s face it: We deal with lots of information every day. And yet, customers expect to receive the answers they need without waiting days or weeks. This is impossible if all the data is scattered, saved in too many places (systems, documents, and devices), and relying on manual data entry to be up-to-date and accurate. Sometimes serious problems with customers can arise.

Now, imagine a different scenario: When a customer contacts you, the customer service staff knows where to find the information quickly without having to find out who has the answers. Accountants can see what salespeople have written in regards to new business opportunities, or customer service is able to see which invoices have been paid or are pending. All without having to comb through sources trying to locate the information. This makes it incredibly easier for the customers!

Improved Customer Experience

If anyone wins with an integration app, is the customer. Why? Questions are answered easily, and issues get resolved fast if the key data is integrated properly. Salesforce provides a comprehensive view of customers and leads interactions, which helps tremendously to keep better track of where they’re at. Whether they have become a customer, or are still considering to work with your business, but haven’t made the decision yet.

Keeping customer’s loyalty is a challenge these days. Their needs are constantly changing, and if you’re willing to create and adjust not only products or services, but processes, they’ll be happier to stay working with you for a long time.

Automation, Done The Right Way

Time is the new money. Automating different business operations saves businesses of all sizes valuable time, so the owners and staff can focus on what matters: Acquiring and serving customers.

With all the advantages automation offers, there is a trap: Information (eCommerce, inventory, delivery, invoices, email marketing, and much more) can get lost in too many systems. A company’s team feels overwhelmed, and the main purpose of bringing order results in more chaos.

Integrations will bring the order your business craves for ensuring all the systems work well together, and you can get the most out of each of them.

With your systems properly integrated, customers’ expectations regarding the attention they receive are exceeded. Do you like to receive a timely and accurate response when you need something from a company? So do your customers!

Customer loyalty pays off in the long run. Whether you use Salesforce or another CRM, integrating it with your ERP or Accounting system will increase efficiency, making your customer the big winner. And your business will win as well.

About Commercient: Commercient’s mission is to help growing companies run more efficiently by seamlessly connecting their ERP software and CRM software. Through SYNC, ERP and CRM data integration is simple, quick, and efficient. We connect Salesforce with over 65 ERPs (Acumatica, Sage, SYSPRO and others) with 16 published apps in AppExchange. Connect your data to both systems in real time without the need for manual data entry, or the risk of human errors.

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