Salesforce Customers Find Appy Hiding on AppExchange Listings

Get ready to find Appy! Our guide to all things AppExchange will be hiding on various AppExchange listings every Tuesday, starting August 1st. 

How to play:

  1. Starting August 1st, watch for a tweet from @appexchange every Tuesday with hashtag #FindAppy. It will include a hint and partial screen shot of a listing (similar to Conga above)
  2. Go to and search for the app based on the clues
  3. Tweet back at us (@appexchange) when you find Appy (include a screen shot for bonus points!)
  4. The first person to find Appy will be featured here, in this post

We'll also post the hints and the Trailblazer's correct answers right here in this post.



August 8th

Congrats to Chris Fuller for finding Appy hanging out with SMS Magic Interact — and in record time!

August 15th

Nice work, Prakash Sahu. You found Appy on Accounting Seed Financial Suite.

August 22nd

Nice work, Extentia team. You found Appy on Sage Intacct.

August 29th

Nice work, Shaun Holmes. You found Appy on NC Squared.

September 12th

Nice work, Biswa Ray. You found Appy on FinancialForce Revenue Recognition.

September 19th

Nice work, Sven Delporte. You found Appy on clearMDM, pragmatic data management for Salesforce.

September 26th

Nice work, Carl Brundage and WedgeCommerce! You both found Appy on OwnBackup, data backup for Salesforce.

October 3rd

Nice work, WedgeCommerce! Once again, you found Appy, this time on Fonteva Events, event management for Salesforce.

October 10th

Nice work, Nansi Kela! You found Appy, this time on FinancialForce PSA, professional services management all in one integrated app.

Even more, if you like what you see, try watching a demo or clicking Get it Now on the listing. Stay tuned for clues on Twitter, and be the first to find her. Oh, Appy day!

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