24 Real World Results From AppExchange Apps

July 13, 2017 Amanda Nelson

The need for businesses to connect the front and back offices has never been greater than it is today. That’s because customer expectations for a seamless experience have never been higher. 

Back office AppExchange apps can help. In the new e-book, 6 Customer Stories Proving AppExchange Apps Are For Everyone, there are stories of six AppExchange customers using apps to help connect their IT, accounting, HR, and ERP systems to the front office. Here are 24 results from these customers.

Skuid and Intuit

1. 1,000+ lines of code saved

2. 1 single tool for agents instead of 4

3.  84% reduction in the number of clicks to place an order

4. 50% reduction in time needed to sell product 

Dell Boomi and AMEX Global Business Travel

5. Easily met aggressive time-to-market goals

6. Utilized local technical talent to implement

7. Removed dependency on external vendors

8. Brought work internally to reduce costs

9. Promoted employees

FinancialForce and Windward Consulting

10. $100,000+ saved

11. 40-50 Excel spreadsheets and pivot tables projects per week eliminated

12. Instant access to comprehensive data not available before

13. Insight into aspects of the business that needed improvement

Accounting Seed and CQ Infused Beverages

14. Accounting Seed paid for itself

15. Saved money by limiting accounting headcount

16. Accurate project inventory based on orders

17. Single source of truth for the entire team

Kenandy and Primus Power

18. Sped up processes and controls to keep up with the 50%-60% growth rate

19. Deliver live data of its sourcing process

20. Provide full traceability of orders

21. Clarified documents such as purchase orders and invoices

Conga and Finemark National Bank and Trust

22. Improved efficiency

22. Freed associates to perform more valuable tasks

23. Limited user costs while still growing 

24. Reduced document generation process to just a few clicks

Get the apps that provide real results on AppExchange.


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